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Saturday, September 30, 2006

1st dot

I've done this sort of thing for awhile, but more for very ..very small audiences. I have a tendency to jump/big-arc/loop around; There is a big picture; but unfortunately it takes some jumping into my head(space); I do on occasion write or talk to people who I/they really enjoy the geeking out/so I hope that I can start to develop this a bit, here.

So yes this is mostly a geek/tech sounding board; w/maybe a bit more. I read blogs as i (endlessly)look for/at material of interest, but as a model? Well I like http://lemonodor.com/ for it's lisp/ai/music/etc bent.

I come from the (physical)sciences, w/interest in others, incl years of AI. I've been programming since I was a kid, growing up in a uni town w/systems that didn't really show up elsewhere for 10-15yrs.

I'd leave a link to my present embodiment of my interest(s), but it might be too soon/(rough), to show/(see) how the bigger-picture fits yet.

i'm happy to be out here, even if it isn't really read.


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